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Cantonese NLP

Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine is proficient in comprehending linguistic structure in Cantonese, expertise in interpreting slang and regional dialects, combined with the mixed-code of Chinese & English.


Our Chatbot is capable of engaging dialogues in more than 12 languages, and with the support of language localisation, reaching your target customers will no longer require any strenuous efforts.

Intent-based Conversation

Our chatbot goes beyond the ordinary capability of others. Instead of utilising a fixed decision tree with finite pre-scripted conversations to deal with complex user scenarios, our chatbot is able to interpret each implicit scenario and properly respond to the enquiries and requests from your customers.

Frictionless Operation

Our chatbot solution provides instant responses to your customers through your website and popular messaging platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook Messengers, Wechat, Telegram, Line and more. Deliver consistent support in all channel and make sure your clients get outstanding customer experience.

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