Chatbot and Voicebot


Handle enquiries about applications for International Driving License, Old Age Allowance and Dog Licences and record cases of broken streetlights.


citizens’ inquiries handled by bots

accuracy rate of speech-to-text


The process of manually recording citizens’ requests is time-consuming, they also have to reply to repeated inquiries every day, such as how to apply for a driving license, apply for old age allowance, etc., and receive cases and follow-up such as street lamp repairs, bird carcasses, etc.


Confidentiality of the conversation

Support mixed language chat

Respond to inquiries anytime

Our platform can save users’ data and ensure data privacy.

Our chatbot has excellent language-learning technology. When the user communicates in Chinese and English, it will not affect the bot’s ability to convert speech to text.

Chatbots provide 24-hour uninterrupted service, no longer limited by staff working hours, can handle public inquiries and complaints at any time.

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